Digital Typography

In Digital Type, we had two projects throughout the quarter. The first was a type blog, and the second was a design for an alternate industry.

Type Blog

The type blog assignment began by us doing some research and pitching a blog idea on two typeface designers of our choice. I chose John Baskerville and Emil Bertell. After hearing everyone’s pitches, our teacher put us into groups based on similarity of the designers we chose. I was put in a group with two other people in which we were to create a Bodoni & Baskerville blog.

From then on, every week we each had to blog at least two posts. We also had to work on a design for the blog. The design had to be type only. Any shapes, imagery etc. had to be made out of type, so we definitely were forced to get creative. We found typefaces for social media and other decor, so we were able to stick to the parameters of the assignment. Everything in our design was made out of type with the exception of the content in the blog post itself.

A few weeks in our teacher decided to switch our blogs around, so we got another group’s concept and they took ours. For two weeks we had their concept and had to work on creating a blog design and making posts. Then our teacher switched things up again, and we got our original concept back.

The live blog is called Bodoni & Baskerville: The Letters. By the end of the quarter our teacher wanted to make sure we had a solid design before coding it if we chose to do so.

I was apprehensive about working in a group on this, mainly because I’ve had nothing but bad experiences working in groups; however my group members and I took care of business and ended up working really well together. It always helps if one of the group members is your friend too. πŸ˜‰

Alternate Industry

Week 3 our teacher passed around a Tiffany bag that contained pieces of papers with “boring industries to design for” on them. I picked out accountant, so I had to design a homepage and interior page for the project. First we had to write up a creative brief, and then we had to come to class with five completely different designs.

Each week our work was critiqued and we were required to go back in and improve the design. I got to a point in my project where the design was good, but I had to work on picking the right stock photography. Luckily content wasn’t a problem because I got my industry-based content from Not Lorem Ipsum.