Computer-based Training

computer based training

Normally the Computer-based Training class is just another class to learn more WordPress, but considering there were only three of us in the class and we know WordPress, we actually did computer-based training. Go figure. 😛

We started out the quarter by giving speeches and presentations that had nothing to do with our industry as practice. This built up to us putting together an industry-related tutorial using screen-captures and being filmed in the studio.

I chose to do a WordPress training video for the web company I’m interning at. Ideally it would be given to clients after they have gone through training for WordPress, and the video would serve as a refresher.

I ran into a lot of challenges with creating this video. First I found out too late that the footage shot in the studio didn’t have working audio, so I didn’t have any footage of myself in the final video. Them my Camtasia files got corrupted somehow, and by the time I was able to rerecord them, my free trial of Camtasia expired; I had to install WordPress on a subdomain, transfer the example theme, and set Camtasia on my husband’s desktop to rerecord. Add this to the stress I was having from my other 4 classes… yeah! ????

In the end I got through it and produced a fairly decent video first time around. We’re talking about breaking up my video into shorter videos that we can give to clients along with a training document. We’ll see what happens!