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computer based training


Computer-based Training

Normally the Computer-based Training class is just another class to learn more WordPress, but considering there were only three of us in the class and we know WordPress, we actually did computer-based training. Go figure. 😛 We started out the quarter by giving speeches and presentations that had nothing to do with our industry as… Read more »

adv motion graphics


Intermediate Motion Graphics

Picking up right where Motion Graphics left off, I feel like I ended this quarter with more work that I’m proud of than the quarter before. A lot of the stuff we did was silly little exercises, but one of them was to create a countdown; I chose to jazz it up a bit and… Read more »

motion graphics


Motion Graphics

In my Motion Graphics class I learned to create all kinds of fun effects and animations via Adobe After Effects. It was a challenging class because I’ve never touched After Effects before, nor am I a film student really interested in applying this stuff on a regular basis. Every week we had to apply the… Read more »

Final Cut Pro 7


Editing Techniques

This class was all about learning how to edit in Final Cut Pro 7. For my final project I did a sort of all about me video that consisted of footage my dad filmed of me over the years as well as pictures. I had been wanting to digitize our home VHS collection for quite… Read more »

Fundamentals of Animation Final


Fundamentals of Animation

This was probably one of my favorite classes. We got to learn about the history of animation, the different principles of animation, etc. all through watching various Disney, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and many more clips. Talk about my ideal class! Below is a short reel featuring the animation projects I did throughout… Read more »

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps


Digital Audio Editing

Throughout the quarter I learned how to do basic audio editing in Pro Tools. We started out with some small clips, adding music to them, and eventually worked our way to our final project. We had three movies to choose from in which we were given footage and had to cut a movie trailer and… Read more »



My First Short Film

For my Intro to Video Production class I took last quarter my final project was to write and direct a short film 5-8 minutes in length. My sister is very active in theatre at school, so I asked her and a couple of her drama buddies to star in my film. The film is called… Read more »