The Blogs I Used to Have: My Online History

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  1. Georgie says:

    It was really interesting reading about your history and the websites that you have had over the years. I love reading about other people’s histories, I sort of assume most people know about mine but that isn’t quite true. I only have a little paragraph about it on my ‘About’ page.

    I started building websites around 2002 – around the same time as you. That was when I really started to get into coding and getting obsessed with iframes. I actually still used them until 2007, which was purely embarrassing really. 😛 I was a big fan of designing huge full-screen layouts with an iframe of content somewhere in the middle of it.

    It’s interesting that your website had a variation of your name for quite some time. I really wanted to avoid doing that because I went through a whole phase where I disliked my name and there was no way I was going to use it in my site name. Clearly I have changed, haha. I also went through a time where a lot of drama stemmed from my blog, I used to be at the URL for a long time but I felt that it was associated with a rather negative part of my life.

    I personally think it is a brave move that you moved everything over to Maybe it was a little easier because you had your social media handles reflect it, but for me I don’t want to change anything because I’m a little stuck! I also worry a little too much about SEO and whatnot. I have bought to maybe make it easier for new readers to remember my URL… but I just don’t want to move everything over!

    Also, I have been trying to get my hands on but the person who owns it has never replied or is uncontactable… it’s annoying because the website is just redirecting to some magazine called Georgie Magazine. ? You can understand my feeling in wanting to get a .com, too… 😛

    • Cristina says:

      When I was first doing the whole iFrame/Image Map thing, the cool thing to do was to a create a splash page with a fancy graphic and then once you clicked on it the rest of the site was one giant popup. Oh man, we’ve come such a long way since then!

      It’s so cool reading about your history and seeing that you’ve basically been doing this thing for as long as I have!

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