What’s On My iPhone 6s?

What's On My iPhone 6s #thelovelygeek

Today I thought I would share with you what apps are on my iPhone. I always love seeing these types of posts because it’s a fun way to check out new apps. I’ve seen a couple of these now where I end up with a new app or two to try. Here’s what’s on my iPhone 6s.

Screenshot of my iPhone 6s

Row 1

These are my most commonly used apps and they all happen to be default Apple ones.

  • Home – Apple’s HomeKit app. I use it for managing my Philips Hue lights around the house.
  • Calendar – Not a super fan of this but it does the job for now until I find something comparable to
  • Reminders – I have several ongoing reminders set up plus I use this as a to-do list.
  • Notes – This replaced Evernote for me. I use this for everything, blog posts, shopping lists, meeting notes, etc. and the best part is it syncs on all my iDevices.

Row 2





  • MyFitnessPal – Used for tracking my weight and food
  • Glow – My go-to app for managing female health/time-of-the-month
  • Fitbit – I use my Fitbit for tracking my sleep and I sync my Apple Watch steps to it.
  • Health
  • Sleep++ – Used the app to track my sleep via my Apple Watch. Stopped using it after awhile because wearing my Apple Watch to bed was a little uncomfortable.
  • Sync Solver (Health to Fitbit) – Syncs my Health info to my Fitbit
  • Sync Solver (Fitbit to Health) – I use this to sync my Fitbit sleep to my Health app
  • European Wax Center – Used for booking my waxing appointments
  • Activity
  • WHA Mobile – My health insurance
  • MACSelect – Gotta get them rewards from MAC!


Row 3



  • ETA – Quick easy way to see how long it will take to get to some of my favorite places
  • Waze – Hands down my favorite app for commuting and traffic
  • M-B mbrace – For my car
  • Google Maps
  • AroundMe – Tells me what’s around me
  • Yelp
  • Eventbrite
  • Disneyland – Official Disneyland wait times and park map
  • MouseWait – Even though it’s an unofficial Disney app, the wait times are user submitted and usually more accurate than the official Disney app. Defintely a must-have for the Disney traveler!
  • Weather
  • Compass
  • Propel – Helps me find nearby stations that have Propel fuel




  • Find Friends
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Mail
  • FaceTime
  • Contacts
  • Voice Memos
  • MailChimp – Used for managing my eblast on the go
  • Number Guru – Lets me look up unknown phone numbers and report numbers as spam

Row 4






  • Finding Rover – Recommended by our county watch page to have in case our pets go missing
  • PetDays – Photo app for taking pics of your pets
  • Pack Dog – Where Mr. Big and Tucker have their own profiles, hehe

Row 5



  • Sphero BB-8 – The app that lets me control my BB-8 from my phone
  • QuizUp – Fun game to play where you can pick topics and take quizzes with people around the world
  • Wooo! Button – One of my original iPhone apps I downloaded when I got my very first iPhone. Always makes me laugh.
  • Yo – Send a “yo” to your friends. It’s pointless but amusing.




Row 6



  • Feedly – Keeps track of all the sites I follow
  • iBooks
  • She Reads Truth – My bible app of choice. Also comes with some great phone wallpapers!
  • Goodreads – Keeping track of the books I’m reading


  • Settings
  • App Store

Row 7


  • Phone
  • Gmail – Since my main emails are all Gmail, I like using this app a lot better than the default mail app.
  • Chrome – My preferred browser
  • Messages



You would have hated my post about apps a couple of weeks ago because I literally only had two rows of apps and you wouldn’t have been able to find any new apps there. 😛 I really only keep the apps I need and use on a daily or weekly basis. I don’t get too attached to my phone, and if there is an app that I don’t use a lot, I usually just delete it. I like having a clean phone and to be honest if I had the amount of apps you do, I would probably get overwhelmed. ?

I’m kinda starting to get overwhelmed, so I will probably do a clean sweep one of these days. That’s why I always like to start out a new phone all fresh instead of from a backup.

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