PCOS Awareness: My Diagnosis #pcos #thelovelygeek


PCOS Awareness: My Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with PCOS in 2015 has definitely turned my world upside down. I view my health in a completely different way, my diet is significantly different, and I have a whole new set of challenges that I’m dealing with daily. Since September is PCOS Awareness month I wanted to share my story on how… Read more »


Week in Review | 2.28.17

Life This week I finally got back on track with exercising and eating better. I’ve been worried that my Metformin has stopped working, and because my weight has plateaued since my miscarriage, I decided I really needed to make some significant changes. And to be honest, once I started dropping weight on Metformin, I didn’t… Read more »

Maxine's Baby Shower


March 2016 in Review

I just realized it being the first of April and all that I literally only blogged once in March! Oops! A lot of things happened in March, so here are the highlights! Life I saw Deadpool at the Studio Movie Grill with Joshua, Dani, and my siblings in-laws Cedar, Bobby, and Amber. Great movie and… Read more »