Two Months Post-Loss


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  1. Joy says:

    I’ve actually been put on a forced baby making hiatus for 3 months since the end of July because I was diagnosed with simple hyperplasia. My first fertility appointment is also in October and we will see if there is any improvement so that we can try again. It’s the waiting that’s so hard.

    Like you, I am working with a nutritionist. I’m not insulin resistant yet but I need to lose weigh to minimalize the amount of estrogen I produce. Here’s to hoping that we both see some improvements by our next appointments, mentally and physically.

    My husband’s name is Joshua as well, by the way 🙈

  2. Rose says:

    Thanks for sharing this stuff 🙂 I know it must be hard for you and I feel a bit rude for “peeping” on your personal pain, but I also find a lot of the medical side of looking into why these things happen to be really interesting, going to go off to read about karyotype tests now. Good luck with the therapist, I bet seeing someone will do wonders. And I can imagine how devastated and hopeless you must feel right now, I think I’d be the same way in your situation, but a lot of the attention and tests you’re getting from your doctor seems so awesome and things definitely look hopeful from an outsider’s perspective! Rooting for you guys 🙂

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