No-Mantel Stocking Solution

No-Mantel Stocking Solution #thelovelygeek

Hanging our stockings has become a bit of a challenge in our house. We don’t have a mantel or anything close to resembling one.

Living Room

Last year I just hung my stocking and Joshua’s stocking on our shelves in the dining room.

2012 NYE LAN Party

You could barely see them, and because of space I couldn’t hang up my pets’ stockings. This year, I wanted to be able to hang all of them up. I knew I couldn’t be the only one in my situation, so I searched for ideas.

My friend Jane from The Borrowed Abode had fantastic idea that she’s used as a renter.

Faux Mantel
Photo from The Borrowed Abode

It seemed pretty easy to replicate. All I needed was some wood, a branch, paint, and hardware for hanging. Luckily I ended up having everything on hand except for the hardware; we have a hardware store right around the corner, so no big deal!

Building My Stocking Branch

First I went out to our shed to see if I had any spare pieces of wood for our sign. The previous owners left a ton of wood, so I had a very nice supply to choose from. Next, I spray painted my sign with some white spray paint I already had on hand.

While waiting for my sign to dry, I ventured around the yard to find a branch. We have a few trees we intend to cut down, so I grabbed a branch from one of them. I put my final coat of spray paint on the sign and then went inside to begin prepping for the letters.

My next step was figuring out what I wanted my sign to say. Jane chose, “Let It Snow” and I had seen a few other solutions that said, “The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.” As I sat down at my computer, I caught a glimpse of my desktop wallpaper which says, “Merry and Bright.” Ding ding ding!

I chose the typeface Vidaloka and used my Silhouette machine to print out the words. I laid them out on my sign, and then I traced them.

No Mantel Stocking Solution

After everything was traced I painted! I decided I wanted a little more embellishment, so I printed out a snowflake, traced, and painted while the letters dried.

No Mantel Stocking Solution

We had different things going on the next couple evenings, so it took us a few days before we were able to get the hardware, put the sign together, and hang it.

No Mantel Stocking Solution

No Mantel Stocking Solution

No Mantel Stocking Solution

Budget Breakdown

  • Wood (left behind by previous owners): $0
  • Branch (left behind by nature): $0
  • White spray paint (already had): $0
  • Paint and brushes (already had): $0
  • Silhouette Machine + white card stock (already had): $0
  • Hardware and fishing line: $9.97