2016: A Year in Review

2016 A Year in Review #thelovelygeek

I’m not gonna lie, as I reflect on this year I can’t help but feel relieved it’s about to be over. While many good things happened, a lot of crappy things happened, especially towards the end of the year. Here’s a look back on my 2016.


  • Rang in the new year with my friends at our annual New Year’s Eve Party.
    Ringing in 2016
  • Started the January Cure but never finished it 😂
  • Went to the spa and got a facial
  • Saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens again, this time with Dani and my mom.
  • Got acute Achilles Tendinitis
  • Decided to start trying out Stick Fix to help make my wardrobe a little more stylish
  • My brother in-law Bobby was sworn in as a Sheriff of El Dorado County
  • Saw The Hateful Eight.
  • Microsoft FINALLY killed Internet Explorer!
  • Joshua and I saw Chris Hogan’s Retire Inspired Live event up in Roseville. We went with Joshua’s dad and stepmom, and it was a lot of fun!
    Excited to see @chrishogan360 and @kenwcoleman ! #retireinspired
  • Had our 2016 Vision Presentation and Lunch with Three29. It was like a year in review and what we could expect for the upcoming year.
  • On Joshua’s birthday weekend, we had joint celebrations with our family and friends. On his actual birthday we went to Cattlemen’s for dinner with his parents and my parents, and the next day we had a brunch at BJ’s with Dani and our friends. As fun as it all was, my cold was in full swing those two days, so I spent the weekend in bed and literally only came out for those two meals.
  • Started a challenge this year to read a book a month/12 books in a year. First book I read was A Patient’s Guide to PCOS.


  • My birthday weekend started on Friday the 5th where Joshua and I went out of town for one night. We stayed at the Jack London Lodge; it was part of a groupon gift we got from Joshua’s brother for Christmas. We came home on Saturday and then later in the evening we went to Melting Pot for my birthday dinner. We would have gone on my actual birthday, but this year my birthday fell on Superbowl Sunday so Melting Pot was closed.
    And now we dine! #birthdayweekend #adultbeverages
  • On my actual birthday, I went to LowBrau with Joshua, Dani, and my mom followed by seeing Disney’s The Little Mermaid musical.
    Can't get any better than seeing my favorite movie-turned-musical on my birthday! The kid in me is beyond stoked! #mermaidsandmusicals #thelittlemermaid #sacmusicals
  • Upgraded to a new MacBook Pro and got a cute BB-8 decal to go with it.
    My new BB-8 Mac decal showed up today! Yay it's so cute! #apple #macbookpro #starwars #bb8
  • Started teaching Dave Ramsey’s FPU again
  • Read Death by Meeting: A Leadership Fable…about Solving the Most Painful Problem in Business


  • Mr. Big was featured in a Huffington Post article
  • Saw Deadpool 💀💩L
  • Got both Joshua and my brother-in-law Cedar to attend their very first yoga class!
    Thursday Yin Class
  • Joshua and I took a small road trip to Oregon so I could attend Maxine’s baby shower! I also got to visit with my friend Debbie while there too.
    Baby showers are the best! Can't believe my long-time friend has a tiny human growing inside her! Thanks for letting me be part of your special day!
    Dinner with @littlefighter26 in SE Portland! Yay!
  • Started taking Metformin to help with the insulin resistance portion of my PCOS. By the end of 2016 I lost 20lbs.
  • Saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.
  • Hosted Easter Dinner at my house for my family.
    Easter Appetizers
  • Got hit with a 24hr stomach flu that both Joshua and Dani had before me.
  • Read PCOS for Dummies. By far the most informative book I’ve read on PCOS so far.


  • April Fools’ Day – The first appearance of an ongoing prank throughout the year known as The Wise Guy.
    The Wise Guy
  • Went to Brittany’s bridal shower!
    The bride getting ready to open her gifts.
  • Started the One Room Challenge and began work on turning our backyard shed into a She Shed.
    Exterior of the shed
  • Saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and loved it despite all the haters.
  • Celebrated my grandpa’s 98th birthday. Didn’t think we’d make it to this point given how his health was going down hill badly at the beginning of the year.
    With his health rapidly deteriorating the past several months I honestly didn't think we'd be able to celebrate his birthday but here we are! Happy 98th Birthday to my grandpa my favorite chocolate lover!
  • Took my brother-in-law Cedar to Studio Movie Grill for his birthday to see The Jungle Book.
  • Read Fifty Shades of Grey.








  • I started to participate in NaBloPoMo where I blogged (almost) everyday for an entire month. I would have been successful, but when I had my miscarriage I took a break from blogging for a little while.
  • Saw the movie Doctor Strange on opening night in Downtown Disney.
  • Joshua and I celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary in Disneyland. On our actual anniversary was when I told Joshua that I was pregnant.
    Our "OMG we're in the Disney Dream Suite" faces! Great way to end the tour! #disneyland
  • On Election Day I had to report for jury duty. Luckily I didn’t have to serve thanks to the fact I was leaving for Seattle the next day. But the fact I had to watch Trump get elected president ruined my whole day.
  • Celebrated my sister-in-law’s marriage up in Seattle. Had a great time with family since we also took the opportunity to do a mini family vacation.
    Family photo on the boat tour
  • I had my first ultrasound.
    1st ultrasound at 6 weeks 5 days
  • We had a major power outage thanks to a transformer box blowing up in our backyard.
  • Newlyweds Danielle and Adam hosted their very first Friendsgiving in their new apartment.
    Happy Birthday to my best friend and sister @daniloo! Thank you for being my therapist and always being there when I've needed you most. You are beautiful, smart, stylish and everything I strive to be. I'm so blessed to have you in my life.
  • I took a hand lettering class with Dani and Jackie at Paper Source. Dani has gotten into hand lettering big time, and I’ve been wanting to get into it for awhile, so it was a great opportunity to get started.
  • I had a miscarriage. By far the worst thing to happen to me all year.
    It's been a difficult couple of weeks, and as everyday goes by it gets a little easier. I can't tell you enough how grateful I am for all the love and support I've received this past week. So blessed to have you all in my life.
  • I spent Thanksgiving by going to my in-laws house in the afternoon followed by dinner at my parents house. As you can imagine it was very low-key for me. I spent most of my time working on my blog post discussing what happened.
  • I got really excited about Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life because I was one of many that was disappointed in how the series ended. As happy as I was to see the Stars Hollow gang back in action, my reaction to the whole thing was: THAT’S IT? I really hope we get more than that because that wrap-up was almost as unsatisfying as the season 7 ending itself.


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Happy new year, Cristina! 🙂 2016 was tough for you but I remember reading a lot of these happenings on your blog as I started reading your blog more regularly. I love how you are very family-oriented and it’s also cool that we can relate over design/development stuff – I definitely hope to see more from your blog this year 🙃

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