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A Health and Baby Update

A Health and Baby Update #thelovelygeek

I’ve wanted to write an update for awhile now, but I’ve found myself holding off “until I have more information” or “until the next appointment.” I realized that’s going to be my life the next couple of months, so I figured I’d pop in for an update on where I’m at.


  • Pathology report came back normal. No chromosomal abnormalities. Baby was a girl.
  • Doctor thinks miscarriage was either blood clotting disorder or unexplained.
  • He wants me tested for Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APS) and Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c).
  • Saw my Primary Care Physician (PCP) and got full blood work panel done. Results came back completely normal, including the HbA1c.
  • Have appointment next month with high-risk OBGYN to discuss next steps.
  • Started seeing a nutritionist. Officially gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free. Also taking new supplements.
  • We’re holding off on trying again until I can get some more answers and get my health in better shape. We also want to wait until after we move.

Pathology Report

At the beginning of August I heard from the doctor who performed my D&E regarding my miscarriage. The good news is it wasn’t a chromosomal abnormality or anything more serious as far as they could tell right off the bat. My baby, who was a girl, was perfectly normal.

Based on all of this, the doctor wanted me to get tested for blood clotting disorders, specifically Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APS). Really what it comes down to at this point is he thinks either my miscarriage was caused by a blood clot disorder or it’s unexplained (like my first one).

My next steps were to go to my PCP and get the APS test as well as HbA1c (he recommended this regardless of the pathology report results). He also recommended I see a high-risk OBGYN once I get pregnant again and that I could TTC again in 3 months.

PCP Visit and More Blood Tests

I met with my PCP two weeks ago and explained what happened and what my other doctor wanted me to do. My PCP decided to pull back and come up with a game plan. He would have me a get a full blood panel workup, discuss the results with me in a week, and give me a copy to take to my specialist where I could opt for additional testing, such as APS. He thought, however, that my miscarriage was most likely unexplained.

I did the tests the following day, and met with my PCP a week later. Aside from my cholesterol being a little high (nothing alarming or worth going on meds for), my blood work came up completely normal. He gave me a referral to Folsom OB/GYN, and I have my first appointment next month.


I had decided that regardless of what more testing would reveal, my diet needed to change for the better. My diet embarrassingly went off the deep end during my last pregnancy, and given everything I know about how food effects PCOS symptoms, I wouldn’t be surprised if my diet was partially to blame.

I’ve been struggling for years managing my diet on my own, whether through Weight Watchers or self diagnosing. Now I decided to finally see a nutritionist.

I had my first session on the 11th. She came highly recommended by my business coach, and she approaches things from a holistic perspective, which I think is a great balance to simultaneously dealing with my doctors (western medicine).

Through my initial phone call and consultation with her, she confirmed what I already knew: I needed to eliminate gluten, dairy, and sugar from my diet. While I had been fairly good about maintaining a gluten-free and low dairy/sugar diet on-and-off since my PCOS diagnoses, now I needed to completely eliminate the last two and get serious.

During my session we discussed my health goals which were pretty much a) manage my PCOS and b) get my body healthy for pregnancy. She performed a Zyto scan which indicated which of my organs were having problems and recommended supplements to take.

My sincere apologies to my liver @mybestiesays

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The Zyto scan also did a food analysis of which foods my body really needs/craves and which foods I need to limit or completely stay away from. Based on the scan, not only do I need to stay away from gluten, dairy, and sugar but there were 27 food items that I needed to consider limiting or eliminating from my diet.

After the Zyto scan she did some muscle testing. During this it was revealed that my Apple Watch was interfering with my heart meridian, so I am taking a break from wearing any fitness trackers or watches. She also did an energy clearing.

I left my session feeling optimistic and motivated as it seemed like I finally had a plan for healing. Since then, I’ve completely overhauled my diet, been really organized and on top of meal planning, taking a new set of supplements, and Joshua and I have been regularly going for walks with the dogs again. I’m going to start easing myself back into yoga next week.

Next Steps

In the coming months I have a follow-up with my nutritionist, an appointment with my potential new high-risk OBGYN, and another follow-up with my PCP. With all these changes to my health happening, I’ve decided to take a break from TTC despite being given the clearance to try after 3 months.

Not only do I want to make sure my body is as healthy as it can be for when I do try again, but Joshua and I also want to move. I’ll save the reasons and thoughts behind it for another post, but we want to move and get settled before focusing on TTC again.

This week I was missing Sugarloaf, and how fitting that I got letters from two of my dearest Sugarloafers today in the mail.

Healing has been hard, and I’m taking things day-by-day. I’m fortunate to have a good support system, and I think focusing on my health and wellness has been the best thing for me. We’ve got some traveling to look forward to in a couple of months, so between that, work, my health, and moving, there are lot of things happening to keep me occupied.

I’ve done everything I can do at this point. Just got to keep moving forward. ♥


Kimberly Pantoja

I am so sorry to hear you are having such troubles. Never underestimate the true value of what you put in your mouth. I have been listening to Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters) on YouTube for a few years now and I am sure he would tell you to take the 7 day vegan challenge. Take your supplements and try eating only naturally occurring things, fruit, veges, herbs, extremely filtered water. Get back to nature. Good luck! I am sure you will be a wonderful mother.

Huge hugs for you Cristina ❤️ I hope that travelling and having your family support you and having Josh around will help you recover from your loss with as little struggle as possible.

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