ORC Week 4: Painting & Purchasing

Now that we’re past the halfway point, we’re really starting to hustle. It was a very busy week with the guest room!

For starters, I ordered the daybed and the mattress. While the daybed will be probably one of the last items to arrive, the mattress showed up a few days after I made the purchase.

Meanwhile, I’ve been focusing on the nursery furniture.

Sanding and painting the nursery furniture

Sanding and painting the nursery furniture

It took me a whole weekend to get the nursery furniture stripped and sanded, but I got it done and I started painting. Luckily, I managed to get all the paint off the front of the drawers, so I can go back to my original plan of painting the frames white and refinishing the wood drawer fronts.

Sanding and painting the nursery furniture

I started with the hard stuff first: painting the frames and drawers (minus the fronts) white. It was a little challenging because I had to deal with 60+ years worth of paint in places I wouldn’t normally put paint on, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Tonight I’ll be putting the final coat of white paint on, and then I’ll be moving on to staining the drawers. We’re getting close!

My to-do list this weekend:

  • Finish painting/staining the furniture
  • Purchase furniture hardware
  • Purchase bedding, nightstand, and decor
  • Start setting stuff up!

#oneroomchallenge 2018