ORC Week 3: Floor Plans

Bella in the bedroom

This week I was away from home on vacation, so I turned my focus towards planning the space. Joshua helped me measure the room before we left so I could put together a floor plan and figure out where things are going to go.

Here’s what I came up with:

Guest Room Floor Plan

I’m putting a daybed in the corner, the dresser under the larger window, the wardrobe by the door, a plant in the corner, and a small nightstand next to the daybed. Then I’ll add in some accessories like a lamp and clock as well as some artwork on the walls.

Since the plan with this room is to turn it into a nursery down the road I did a version of the floor plan for when that happens.

Nursery Floor Plan

When the time comes, we’ll basically be swapping out the bed and nightstand for a crib and rocker. Here’s hoping that will eventually happen. 🤞🏼

In the meantime, I’ve got furniture to paint and stuff to buy!

#oneroomchallenge 2018


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