House Tour: Our Master Bedroom

My Master Bedroom Tour #thelovelygeek

One of the things I’ve noticed about myself is that I tend to hold off on showing things until they’re finished and perfect. My mantra this year has been “progress, not perfection” so in an effort to stick to it, I’m sharing a tour of our master bedroom. Do I consider this room 100% done? No, I still need to add more art to the walls and changed out the barn door. But it is close enough to being done and is WAY more done in comparison to what it was the last time I posted about it… IN FEBRUARY! 🙈

Here’s what it looked like then:

Master Bedroom (Progress)

Master Bedroom (Progress)

To go ever further back, here’s a look at the space shortly before and after we bought the place:

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

And now… 🥁 here’s our cozy little getaway!

Our Bedroom

I’m still rocking most of the bedding from the Orla Kiely collection but these days we’re pairing it with a white duvet cover. We upgraded our bed from a queen to a king, which meant getting a new mattress, so we’re now the proud owners of a Sleep Number. We love it so far! We did have to get a little creative with it in order to make it work with our frame. We got a bunkie board and cut some holes in it so the pipes for the Sleep Number pump could go through to the mattress. Easy peasy!

My side of the bed

My side of the bed

We brought in two new nightstands with two matching lamps which contain Philips Hue bulbs. To the left of my side of the bed you’ll find my cart that has my humidifier, diffuser, and all my essential oil supplies.

Joshua’s side of the bed

Joshua’s side of the bed has a new alarm clock that matches the aesthetics in our bedroom along with a dual charging station for his 📱iPhone and ⌚️Apple Watch. In the corner, we have our air purifier which really helps keep the air clear especially with four animals sleeping in the same room as us.

My goal with this room was to make it a place where I want to relax. As I started decorating the dresser and bringing plants into my space it turned into a modern boho kind of vibe. 🌿

My modern boho dresser

The Keep Calm and Carry On poster I’ve had for about 10 years, shortly before it became super trendy. Say what you want, I still love it. ✌🏼

Dresser decor

My dresser decor includes a few ceramic cacti 🌵 from IKEA, some “new age” books 🔮, a small tray of some crystals from my childhood rock collection, a few salt lamps, and a Buddha that belonged to my grandma. It’s the little things that bring me joy and keep me grounded.

My dresser plus Mr. Big’s teepee

To the right of the dresser, we have Mr. Big’s teepee, which acts as a safe space for him when he’s feeling stressed. Originally it was downstairs next to the space heater, but with it being summer and all the construction we’ve had going on at the house, it’s working best for him upstairs.

Mr. Big’s teepee from Pipolli

I think eventually his teepee will find a home downstairs, but for now, it’s going to kick it up here.

On the left side of the dresser is my Pachira Aquatica AKA the only real plant in my bedroom. I wanted to have at least one real plant in our bedroom since I’m all about keeping the air in the room clean and cool, one of the many benefits of houseplants.

The only plant I haven’t killed yet!

Despite my black thumb I’ve managed to keep this guy alive!

Sitting area

On the opposite side of the room is my sitting area. Before, this had my vanity, but I found myself doing my makeup in the bathroom, mainly because the lighting is better and I seem to be more efficient with putting on makeup standing up vs sitting down. After some research on “large bedrooms,” I decided to create a little sitting area as well as bring in a full-length mirror.

Sitting area

Don’t mind the double-sided sticky tape on the chair. My cats think it’s a scratching post, and this is the only thing that seems to work.

Sitting area

With this new arrangement, I also managed to find a home for my DIY heirloom dresser. My old iHome lived on top of the dresser before it died, so I upgraded to a Sonos One which means we have Alexa in the bedroom (ayyyyy 😂). She seems to listen a lot better than Siri anyway. 🙊

Corner of the room where Tucker’s bed is located

Lastly, before you head out the doors is Tucker’s sleeping area. He does sleep in his bed most of the time, but he usually sneaks out in the middle of the night and sleeps on the floor by Joshua’s side of the bed. Izzie sometimes takes advantage of this and will curl up in his bed. 😹

So there you have it! As I mentioned earlier, I still want to add artwork to the walls since they’re pretty bare, and I want to change out the barn door to a simpler, more modern white one. Otherwise, we’re very happy to be able to wind down from the day in our relaxing little oasis.

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This is incredible! The transformation is incredible. And I am really loving the wall colour and the overall cosy look. It looks so bright and welcoming compared to what it was before. I like the addition of house plants too ☺️

I don’t think I’ll be purchasing any new furniture but I thought it was really thoughtful of you to add links to what you purchased to furnish your room!

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