Creating a Whole House Color Scheme

Creating a Color Scheme for the Whole House #thelovelygeek

When we first moved in to our house two years ago we got the entire house in a fresh coat of paint within three months. Since then we’ve felt a little “painter’s remorse” so we’ve been gradually repainting most of the rooms. One of the mistakes we made was never really settling on a whole house color scheme.

Round One – Before

Color Palette Round 1 - Before

Above is what I consider “round one” of our colors. Instead our color palette was very beige, safe, and disorganized. Most of the beige colors like for the dining room and living room didn’t look much different than the default builder off white that was on the walls when we moved in.

Round Two – In Progress

Since we’re getting all the carpet pulled out and laminate flooring put in next week, we’ve been busy repainting the walls that we’ve had second thoughts on. We’ve also took this opportunity to come up with a more cohesive color scheme.

Color Palette Round 2 - In Progress

How We Created Our Whole House Color Palette

Here’s how we came up with our palette (courtesy of this guide from Teal and Lime):

Step 1 – Choose a Color Scheme

I chose a monochromatic color scheme which means I’m using different tints/shades/hues of one color – in this case turquoise. Doing this allows me to accessorize with greys, whites, and yellows.

Step 2 – Choose Your Neutrals


Choose a White: Ultra Pure White – Behr. We’re only using this white for trim, baseboard, doors, and ceilings. It’s Behr’s standard white, so it makes everything easy.


Choose a Neutral: Gentle Rain – Behr. It’s got a nice cool tone to it which goes well with the turquoise colors we’re using. We’re also using Subtle Touch and Porpoise which is from the same family.

Step 3 – Choose One Bold Color


Jamaica Bay – Behr. This is our living room color, and I used a bit of it in my office closet.

Step 4 – Choose a Friend for Your Bold Color


Aqua Smoke – Behr. This color is being used in our kitchen, guest room, and eventually laundry room.

Step 5 – Choose an Accent Color


Mirage Lake – Behr. This color I am using only in my master ensuite, specifically in the area where the toilet and shower is. I’m contemplating maybe using it in the media room in place of the green, but I do love the green we chose out there so we’ll see.

The only room we haven’t decided on a new color for yet is the guest bathroom. I’m still not quite sure how I want to design that bathroom yet – perhaps the Apartment Therapy Style Cure starting up on the 23rd will help me figure this one out.