Emerging Tech

emerging tech final

Emerging Tech was just exactly that: we dealt with emerging technologies in our industry. We sampled everything from HTML5 to Responsive Design to Augmented Reality. We also got into mobile app development using Flash.

When we found out about BlackBerry’s promotion to develop an Android app to get a free PlayBook, we worked as class to develop an app in time for their February 13 deadline. My teacher helped us put together a simple stopwatch app, and it was up to us to design it.

bb playbook

I had done a vector version of a George Nelson Ball Clock a couple quarters ago in order to make an animated clock using Action Script, so I recycled that design to make a Mid-Century Stopwatch.

By the time I got the app all ready to go BlackBerry extended the deadline, so we spent the remainder of the quarter working on getting it submitted. Most of us had submitted it on time, but we were waiting to hear back from them. It took 3 weeks to find out mine had been denied due to not being signed properly, so I’m trying again. We’ll see what happens!