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5 Apps I’m Loving in 2018


5 of my Favorite Apps in 2018

I love trying new apps – that was one of the things I loved about the iPhone when it first came out. Now as an app designer I have so much more appreciation for them knowing what goes into creating them. Here are just a handful of my favorite that I’ve been loving and using… Read more »


A Roundup of My Favorite Screen Savers

Ever since I switched to Mac almost 10 years ago, I have been a sucker for elegant Mac setups and office spaces. Hence why @macsetups is my new favorite Instagram account to follow. It’s like design porn for me, I LOVE it! Perusing through the feed I’ve noticed that the most common question that pops… Read more »

canon 5d mark ii


Why I Switched from Nikon to Canon

Earlier during the week I got myself an early Christmas present: a new camera. I went with Canon because after a situation with my Nikon lens, I ended up being disappointed with Nikon’s customer service. I needed to invest in better camera equipment and had a hard time continuing with Nikon based on my experience…. Read more »

Nikon D3000


A New Camera

Yesterday I got a brand new camera: a Nikon D3000! About two weeks ago I engaged in Best Buy’s Trade-In program in which you trade in your old electronics for store credit. Our previous camera was having a lot of problems so I decided to trade it in along with my old Samsung monitor and… Read more »