5 of my Favorite Apps in 2018

5 Apps I’m Loving in 2018

I love trying new apps – that was one of the things I loved about the iPhone when it first came out. Now as an app designer I have so much more appreciation for them knowing what goes into creating them. Here are just a handful of my favorite that I’ve been loving and using lately!

A Color Story

My go-to app for photo editing. Not only do I love the gals behind the app, but I love the variety of filters available as well as the built-in tools for basic editing.

I’ve been following a lot of interior designers on Instagram lately, and many of them give you the ability to shop their posts via this handy app.

When to Post

Speaking of Instagram… another great app is When to Post which hooks up to your Instagram account and recommends when the best time is to post each day for ideal interaction. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and I’ve found that incorporating this app into my strategy has been very helpful.

Think Dirty

Since switching out beauty products for non-toxic ones, this has become my guide. Not only does tell me what ingredients are in things but it also tells me why they’re toxic. You’d be surprised how much greenwashing goes on once you start looking up products.


I’ve been using Glow for years and I still love it. This one tracks all your lady stuff as well as other symptoms, sleep, exercise, mood, medications, and much more. I find it to be a very well-round health track app, and I will always recommend it!