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Joshua and I had unofficially been looking at houses for about a year, but it wasn’t until summer of 2012 that we got the ball rolling with a mortgage company and real estate agent. We looked at several houses and soon found our new home – a 2,022 sq ft Ranch-style house built in 1986. We moved in mid-September 2012 and sold it February 2018.

Our backyard, prior to getting the landscaping done


Backyard Makeover Planning and Ideas

After what feels like years of attempting to make progress on the backyard we are finally making it happen. For realz. Seriously. Last week Joshua’s dad (who is a professional landscaper) came by to talk us through our ideas and give us a bid. We’re not looking for anything fancy – really we’re just looking… Read more »

Searching for a New Desk Lamp #thelovelygeek


Searching for a New Desk Lamp

A couple weeks ago the Roomba ran over some cords in the guest room causing my little lamp on the nightstand to shatter. I decided to replace it with the owl lamp from my office seeing since the light is a lot softer, much better suited for a bedroom than desk. My desk is now… Read more »