Getting Our House Ready to Sell

Front of the House

While we are in the process of closing on our new house (YAY!!), we’ve consulted our ELP real estate agent on what we should do to get our house ready to sell. The good news there isn’t a whole lot we need to do; we’ve done a lot in the 5 years we’ve been here. Still, we have a to-do list that we are tackling along with packing up our stuff.


Paint the living room

The Living Room

Since this is the first room you walk into, the teal is just too much, so we’ll be extending the gray from the dining room/entry into the living room. Probably won’t be tackling this until after we’ve moved out.

Replace the flooring in the kitchen

Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

The kitchen floor wasn’t installed properly (previous homeowners DIY), so the seams are coming up in certain spots which look really bad. This will probably be another “after we move” project.

Match the kitchen appliances and fix the counters

My clean kitchen!

We got a new range, dishwasher, and oven so now all the appliances are stainless steel. Since the next homeowner will probably coming in and do a full remodel, we’ve opted to leave the countertops and cabinets the way they are. The only thing we’ll do is clean up and repair the tiles on the counter.

Paint the entertainment room

Media Room

Just like the living room, the bright green is too much so we’re painting the green walls gray just like the other two walls.


Paint the exterior, shed, and deck

Front of the House

Back Deck

Exterior of the shed

My poor She Shed! 😂 We never quite finished the painting on it. Good thing we’re planning on repainting it along with the rest of the house.

The plan is to paint the siding a slightly darker shade than what it is now, the trim and deck railings bright white, and stain the deck and porch black. We saw a house down the street that pulled of the exact color scheme we’re going for, so we know it will work.

We’re set to have the exterior painted the first week of November (our painter is hella busy).

Remove the sunscreens from the back windows

The Backyard

We have these dark sunscreens on our bedroom window and the kitchen window. We removed them when prepping the exterior for painting. By removing them it brightened up the rooms so much. Good thing summer is over because without these it gets a little toasty.

Matching light fixtures

Front of the House

We have a total of 5 different light fixtures for the 6 exterior lights. With the exception of the man door, we’re updating the light fixtures so they are all the same. We picked up these light fixtures from Lowes, and we’ll install them after the exterior is painted.