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My 31st Spin Around the Sun #thelovelygeek


My 31st Spin Around the Sun

Back in February I celebrated my 31st birthday. It was kicked off with a joint birthday party at my house the first weekend of February. Since Joshua and I are eight days apart, we usually celebrate our birthdays together with family. I’m actually very proud of myself for pulling this off because for years I’ve… Read more »

30th Birthday Banner from Pinterest


My 30th Birthday

A little over a month ago I turned the big 3-0. As many of you know, Joshua and I are 8 days apart in age, so it was pretty much a joint celebration all week long. Here’s how we celebrated!

CristinaRobinson.net 2014 Design


New Site and Birthday Festivities

Welcome new readers and readers from Lovely Interiors to my new site at CristinaRobinson.net! – – – The last week of January I was sick with a nasty cold, so I was unable to complete the last several tasks for the January Cure. Still, I was able to have a small get together with my… Read more »

Mom's 60th Birthday


Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today my mom celebrates her 60th birthday. This past weekend was full of celebrating for her. On Saturday my sister and I treated her to a massage, lunch, shopping, and a manicure. Yesterday, we threw a surprise party for her at Papa Gianni’s. She had no idea it was coming! She thought she was going… Read more »

My 2010 Birthday Haul


Happy Birthday to Me

Today was my birthday, and I turned 23 years old. Last night I went to dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack with my parents, sister, and Joshua. We had a great time. Today I went to service and then had a big birthday party in which we celebrated my birthday, Joshua’s birthday, my future mother in-law’s… Read more »

2009 Birthday Haul


Birthday Weekend Part 2

My 22nd Birthday I am 22 years old! I’m finally at an age where people can no longer say, “Oh my gosh! You just turned 21! How exciting!” every time I am carded. That got so annoying, especially when they’d do it in a squeaky voice, hah! 😆 Now, I just feel old. My day… Read more »

2009 Family Birthday Party


Birthday Weekend Part 1

Over the weekend Joshua and I ventured to our hometown to celebrate his 22nd birthday. We got up to my parents house Saturday afternoon, and then all of us (yes, even my parents and sis) came over to Joshua’s parents house for his birthday shindigs. We had a yummy dinner of steak, baked potatoes (with… Read more »