My Top 10 Favorite Things of 2013

Favorite Things Link Party at 320 Sycamore

Today I’m sharing my favorite things I found in 2013. The last couple of days 320 Sycamore has invited various bloggers to share their favorite things, and today is open to sharing for everyone!

My Favorite Things of 2013

  1. HERMÈS Kelly Calèche– I’ve never been big on fragrances, and I typically forget to put perfume on; however I fell in love with this scent when I got a sample of it, and now it’s my signature scent. I put it on everyday!
  2. Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Crème – I got a sample of this from Sephora recently, and I loved how it helped blend my under-eye concealer in. It’s also great for those no-make-up days but where you still want to look refreshed.
  3. Bumble and bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish – My hairdresser introduced this product to me, and it’s perfect for keeping oil at bay and volume up all day long. It’s almost like a volumizing dry shampoo. It’s great for teasing hair too, especially when you have thin flat hair like mine.
  4. MAC Brush Cleanser – I never knew just how dirty my make-up brushes were until I started using this to clean them daily. This stuff is awesome!
  5. Nest Thermostat – When we had our July LAN party our electric bill was $600 (13 computers, two fans, and the AC running full blast in 100 degree weather) we knew we had to make some changes. This was what finally convinced Joshua to go for replacing our thermostat with the Nest. Since having it we’ve watched our electric bill go down to under $100. Definitely worth every penny!
  6. SkinnyGirl Cocktails – I gave the White Cranberry Cosmo a try when I was picking up alcohol for a work function. It tastes exactly like how I make my homemade cosmos, so I instantly loved it! I tried a few other drinks of theirs, and they are super yummy and low in Weight Watchers points!
  7. Brownie Brittle – One of my coworkers grabbed this from Costco and brought it to the office. Once I tried it, I was hooked! This stuff is amazing! Not only does it taste like fresh brownies out of the oven, but as a Weight Watchers member, it’s low in points! You get 3 points for six pieces, and the pieces are HUGE! Definitely a staple!
  8. Feedly – When Google Reader shutdown in July, I was afraid the way I catch up on sites would never be the same. Part of that was true but for the better because I was forced to find a different RSS reading service. A friend recommended Feedly, and I absolutely love everything about it! I love the different reading and sharing options, and it’s super easy to organize your sites.
  9. Silhouette SD Digital Craft Cutter – I ordered this machine two years ago, but I only recently became brave enough to use. Now I LOVE it, and it’s motivated me to do more crafty things!
  10. Wolfgang Puck Express – This place became my favorite lunchtime spot this year. I’d either get their daily duo, half a chicken pesto sandwich and a side caesar salad or a bowl of their butternut squash soup. I just found out they will be closing sometime next year, which makes me super sad!


coming to you via 320 sycamore…. I just got samples of the bumble bumble thickening shampoo and conditioner can’t wait to try them! Glad to see you love their product I hope i love them too!

I like and use the Thickening Shampoo, but I opt to use the Super Rich conditioner. Overall I really like Bumble and bumble and my hair is happy when I use their stuff too!

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