My Top 10 Favorite Things of 2018

My Top 10 Favorite Things of 2018
  1. Dodging Energy Vampires by Dr. Christiane Northrup – Hands down the best book I read this year! This book not only taught me how to deal with certain people but really taught me a lot about myself. Seriously, I can’t recommend this book enough, especially if you’re an empath.
  2. The Soundtrack Show podcast – This podcast was MADE for me! People close to me know I am a huge soundtrack nerd. Seriously I use to get made fun of for the number of soundtracks I had in my CD collection. Now this podcast exists I feel like I found my people!
  3. Jenna Kutcher – Pregnancy loss can feel very isolating and it’s not easy to find someone who truly understands what you are going through. As I mentioned in my podcasts post, my sister introduced me to her and I our stories were almost identical. She’s inspired me in so many ways, and she’s given me hope for the future. Oh and I can’t get enough of her Goal Digger podcast!
  4. The Organic Bunny – I went from dropping a ton of money on beauty at Sephora to now spending all my money with The Organic Bunny. Her carefully curated shop of non-toxic beauty products gives me the confidence of knowing that anything I use will look good and be GOOD for my skin.
  5. Cannabliss – Speaking of the OB, one of my favorite product lines has been the Cannabliss. I use both the body oil and the salve and my skin is SO happy! It’s healed up some super dry areas that no other product has. Not to mention it smells and feels oh so great!
  6. Daily Harvest – Daily Harvest came highly recommended to me by my nutritionist, and I have been loving their shakes and harvest bowls! All their foods are organic, gluten-free, plant-based and YUMMY! I get a monthly delivery of 24 cups which consists of a combination of shakes, harvest bowls, and lattes (with the occasional sundae). Definitely a much healthier option than Lean Cuisine!
  7. FitGlow Mascara – When I switched to green beauty I thought it was going to be hard to find the perfect mascara. Well, I found it in FitGlow! Not only does it give me more volume than ever but it also doubles as a lash lengthening serum. AND it’s clean, FTW!
  8. 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream – Ohhhh how I wish real coffee tasted as good as this stuff smells! Not only does it smell divine but it does a fantastic job depuffing and brightening my eyes. This is my forever eye cream!
  9. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again – I was hesitant about this movie prior to seeing it, especially because of the rumors surround a certain character which ended up being true. However, they did this movie beautifully, and it became one of my favorites. Sure I bawled like a baby, but I had the soundtrack on repeat for months.
  10. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – As a huge Gilmore Girls fan, I knew it was a matter of time before I became hooked on Mrs. Maisel. I recently binged watched the whole season, and I just LOVE it! And I only have to wait a few more weeks before the next season comes out!