We Are Engaged

Engaged at Disneyland

Tonight in Disneyland, Joshua asked me to marry him. We’re officially engaged and so happy!

We're engaged!

Joshua and I had always planned on getting married, it was merely a matter of when. In order to avoid the “You’re too young” comments as well as appeasing the majority of my family, I insisted I wanted to completely finish college before I got married. However, if Joshua had his way he would have proposed to me 3 years ago.

When my grandmother passed away in October last year leaving the entire family a wreck in depression, I realized life is too short. I also figured that a happy event, such as Joshua and I getting married would be something to pull my family out of its slump. I slowly began dropping hints here and there that I was ready to get married whenever he planned to ask me.

Then back in June Joshua suggested we celebrate our 5 year anniversary by going to Disneyland. Immediately I suspected this would where he planned to propose. For the next couple of months I’d joke around about wanting a new ring or tease him about how I was only the girlfriend. He’d either not comment or respond with, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

In September Joshua received even more pressure since two of his brothers became engaged within the same week. As it stood I was the only “girlfriend” left in the family. I may have been the first girlfriend, but I certainly was the last, haha.

Fast forward to November… a couple days before our trip I accidentally discovered evidence of a large purchase from a jewelery store. Knowing he had the ring, but not know how or when kept me nervous all through the weekend. During our day at Disneyland I had felt the ring in his pocket and to try hard not to giggle as he tried to cover it up.

Hiding the Ring

We had dinner reservations at the Blue Bayou restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Blue Bayou(Who knew I’d go in a girlfriend and come out a fiancée?)

We were finishing dinner when Joshua was being his usual cheesy self (“Cristina I love you so much”, etc.) and I was being a smart-ass back. I said, “What now?!” and then he pulled out the ring. I asked, “Is this for real?” and he said, “Yes it’s for real. Cristina will you marry me?” Of course I started to cry, said yes, and put the ring on. Then I tweeted our announcement all over the internet, HAH!

Afterwards we went shopping on Main Street and I told the saleslady we were engaged since we were buying wedding-themed collectors pins. She gave us two official Disneyland buttons for us to wear that said, “Just engaged!”

We're engaged!

Tell us about the ring! Do you love it?

My Engagement Ring

The ring is a quarter karat diamond Si1 round cut G-coloring on a 14 karat white gold-plated titanium band. It’s simple and beautiful, and I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect ring for me!

When’s the date? Where are you getting married? Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?

We plan to be married on Saturday November 6th, 2010. On that day it will be our 6 year anniversary of dating, and since it falls on a Saturday it’s a perfect day for us. We’re not sure yet where we want to get married.

As for the honeymoon, we’re doing the Disney Cruise and Disney World! We’ve talked about doing it for so long so going on our honeymoon is the perfect opportunity!

We have a web site, (which needs some TLC) so look to that for all my wedding updates! I am so excited!!