Slug Bug

VW New Beetle

I started out the new year by getting a new car. Behold, my 2009 New Beetle!

My ’01 Toyota Corolla had been slowly crapping out on me, so it was time to get a new car before it was too late. I decided on a Beetle because it’s my favorite car, it’s rated one of the safest vehicles on the road, and it has great fuel mileage. I’ve been a fan of this car ever since it made it’s appearance back in 1998! I had a poster up in my room awhile back, and my parents bought me both a small green model of the car and the pink Barbie Beetle!

Saturday morning I went over to the local VW dealership and test drove a New Beetle. The Beetle I drove was the exact one I wanted (green, tan interior, sunroof, etc.) except it had a CD changer, which I don’t need (I iPod it baby!).

Inside my Beetle

Up until that point I’ve sat, looked, played, but never actually drove the car. It was a weird experience because I am used to my Corolla. Things I really liked about the New Beetle: heated seats, a large dashboard which enhances my view of the road, and the car handles turns VERY well! In other words, test driving just confirmed my 10 year undying love for this car!

A few days later I got all my affairs in order and went over to the VW dealership where I took the necessary steps to be the owner of a 2009 New Beetle! Yay!