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4th of July BBQ


Our Four Day Weekend

We had a lot going on these past four days! First off, we celebrated Independence Day at my in-laws with a barbecue where we were able to watch the county fireworks from their front yard. Earlier in the day we hit a milestone with the Benz in which we were able to start it, and… Read more »

300TDT Mercedes-Benz #thelovelygeek


Getting Back on the Road

You may have noticed it’s been rather quiet over here at Lovely Interiors. Well, working on the house has somewhat been put on hold in order to work on a bigger, more important project: getting my husband’s car back on the road. When Joshua and I began dating in 2004, we spent our time mostly… Read more »

VW New Beetle


Slug Bug

I started out the new year by getting a new car. Behold, my 2009 New Beetle! My ’01 Toyota Corolla had been slowly crapping out on me, so it was time to get a new car before it was too late. I decided on a Beetle because it’s my favorite car, it’s rated one of… Read more »