RIP Nana

Me with my Nana (left) and Mormor (right), 2005

Tuesday evening my dad journeyed to Mercy San Juan Hospital, where my Nana has been staying the past 4 weeks. He was going to sign whatever papers necessary to pull my Nana off life support. When he got there, all he had to do was give verbal consent. Then, he left.

There was no point in saying goodbye because Nana recently came down with Staph Infection. He would have had to put gloves and a gown on in order to be in the same room as her. He came home, and all was left now was to wait.

At 10:05am on Thursday, Mae Assenza, my Nana, made the journey to heaven where she was reunited with her husband for the first time in 21 years for their 54th wedding anniversary. We couldn’t ask for a more beautiful way to end her suffering.

My mom called me this morning shortly after they received the call. I broke down crying on the spot. I soon left for my grandparents house where I shared the news with Mormor, who was the only one home. We shared a cup of tea together, and eventually I left to head home to kinda be by myself.

I just wish people would quit asking me “how are you?” or “are you okay?” because I really don’t know how to answer right now. All I can say is I’ve been better.