Moving Back to Sac Town

Front of Nana's House

I guess I can make an official announcement that Joshua and I are moving to Sacramento next summer.

Why are we moving back? A lot of reasons, mainly we miss home and have had enough of the bay area. We’ve been talking about moving back for quite some time. Plus I’m planning on going to Sac State either Fall 2009 or Spring 2010.

Going to CSUS and living in Sac was the original plan for Joshua & I; it’s just at the time what my grandparents had to offer us was better. Now that Joshua’s contract will be up in February and I’ll be done with all the general ed stuff, we can finally be back where we want to be.

We will be moving into my deceased grandmother’s home in Rancho Cordova. Since my grandma (Nana) passed away, my dad and uncle now own the house. They’re not ready to sell the house, so it makes sense for family to use it until then.

Once I finish my Spring semester at College of Marin we’ll begin moving. I’m so happy to be moving closer to home!