The Art Institute of California—Sacramento

Today I was registered for classes at my new school, The Art Institute of California—Sacramento! Here they are:

FS102 – Fundamentals of Design – Tuesday 8-11:50am
MM1123 – Fundamentals of Web-based Programming – Tuesday 1-4:50pm
FS103 – Color Theory – Wednesday 8-11:50am
FS101 – Fundamentals/Observational Drawing – Friday 1-5:10pm

I’m so excited even if they seem like not-so-interesting classes. They’re all related to my major, and that’s what matters! I am general ed free! The only downside is I still have to take one more math class. They require “College Algebra” and because my JCs didn’t offer anything like that it’s one more class I have to take. I did have to take a placement exam, and luckily I placed right into the class. Still, gahhh can’t get away from math!

My school isn’t like your regular school. Every 3 months I get a one week break and then a new set of classes. It appears that I wrap up “spring” around June 19th and then I get a 3 week summer break. It’s pretty sweet. This means I’ll be done with school a lot quicker!