Christmas comin’ early!

Downtown Larkspur, California

Joshua and I made the decision to move in together once he is done with his Mercedes training and gets a job at a dealership. Since we made that decision last year, we’ve been on the prowl for apartments in the Folsom/Rancho Cordova area. Concerned about us getting into debt, especially since Joshua will have student loans to be paying for, my grandparents have decided to help us out.

At Thanksgiving, my grandparents told us that if Joshua gets a job at the dealership near their house (San Rafael), they would let us move into the duplex that they own & rent out in Larkspur. It’s a two bedroom place with a garage (something Joshua desperately wants) and a garden area so Izzie could roam around and I wouldn’t have to worry about her getting hurt.

Also the place is right next door to the junior college, only 30-45 minutes away from Sonoma State, and 20 minutes away from an Old Navy. Plus I’d be close to my grandparents, and I think my mom would feel better about that knowing I could come over and help them out. I also like it that I’d be in an area I am familiar with and essentially feel at home in. However, I won’t know anything for sure until Joshua gets hired in January.