Open House for My Grandparents’ House

My grandparents' house remodeled and ready to be sold!

Yesterday, Joshua and I met up with Dani (and our Aunty Vera was there too) in Marin to check out the open house for our grandparents’ house. My mom sold it to flippers at the beginning of the year and now 11 months (and $700,000) later it has been completely transformed.

I was able to take some more pictures, so I went for ones of different angles that weren’t seen in the original MLS photos.

Upstairs – Main Level

Remodeled Entryway

Hallway and Relocated Stairs

The Upstairs Hallway

New Upstairs Half Bath

Remodeled Living Room

My Mom's Old Room

My Mom's Old Room

New Master Walk-in Closet

Remodeled Master Bathroom

Remodeled Master Bathroom

Remodeled Master Bathroom

Remodeled Master Bedroom

The Master Bathroom


The Relocated Stairwell

The New Stairwell

New Stairwell

The New AV Room

The Garage

The Garage

New Downstairs Hallway

Remodeled Downstairs Bath

New Laundry Closet

New Closet Plus Access

Downstairs Bedroom #1

New Office With a View

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