Housewarming Party

front of house

This weekend we welcomed family and friends into our home for our Housewarming Party.

Housewarming party gifts

It was great being able to have all my family under one roof with enough room to hang out, eat food, play games, and just have a good time! To everyone that came out: thank you! ♥

Now that the party is over we’re not as rushed to get stuff done, but I do want to get the rest of the painting done by the end of the month. I also want to get the garage dealt with as soon as possible so I can start parking in there before the weather goes bad.

Our to-do list entails:

  • Finish painting the entertainment and living room
  • Paint the guest room
  • Furnish the guest room (get a bed, bedding, etc.)
  • Paint the guest bathroom
  • Replace fixtures in the guest bath (lights and faucet)
  • Stain vanity cabinets in both bathrooms
  • Add contact paper and pull-out drawers to both bathroom vanities
  • Finish unpacking remaining boxes
  • Clear out, fix, and organize garage

Our to-do list includes the major things that I want to get done within the next month or so. I have plenty of smaller projects I’d like to do such as turning the hallway into a couples timeline, paint my Star Wars figurine cabinet, and color coding my keys.