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Geek Macworld 2010

I Went to Macworld

This year I decided to finally go to Macworld. I also dragged along Joshua and we had a nice day in the city. Joshua and I took the 9:40am Ferry into the city, hopped into ... Read more »
Geek My Poor iPod

It Drowned

Today was the day my music died. Yesterday my water bottle leaked into my purse soaking everything (except my iPhone which was in my pocket). Everything included my 160GB iPod which happened to be the ... Read more »
Geek Star Wars in Concert

Star Wars in Concert

Star Wars in Concert was one of the most awesome experiences ever since meeting George Lucas! Not only am I a huge Star Wars fan, but I ADORE the music so combining the two was just beyond awesome! Here’s my recap! ... Read more »
Geek Nikon D3000

A New Camera

Yesterday I got a brand new camera: a Nikon D3000! About two weeks ago I engaged in Best Buy’s Trade-In program in which you trade in your old electronics for store credit. Our previous camera ... Read more »
Geek 100% Mac - no Windows

No Windows For Me

Yesterday I finally got my iTunes library 100% back to normal, which meant my next step was to go forth with installing Windows on it. I installed my printer driver, opened up Bootcamp, and printed ... Read more »
Geek Mac-less

A PC For Now

So I ended up returning my Mac. It wasn’t because of buyer’s remorse or anything, but it was because they upgraded it the next morning. Yeah, I bought my iMac on Monday night and Tuesday ... Read more »