Why I Switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk

In an age where we’re trying to stay on top of the ever-changing algorithms on social media, email marketing is gaining momentum. There are many benefits to nurturing an email list, and when it comes to choosing a platform I’ve found myself recommending Flodesk.

I used to be Team Mailchimp because their free plan had a lot to offer and was ideal for those getting started. Then Flodesk came to town and changed the game with their gorgeous templates and user-friendly interface. Here are three reasons why I made the switch.

01. Pricing Structure

flodesk homepage

When Mailchimp changed up their pricing structure a few years back there was an uproar from the online community. Basic features that were once free were now rolled into their paid plans. The more subscribers you had and the more emails you sent out, the more you had to pay. I don’t know about you but that seems counterintuitive. Growth should be encouraged, not penalized.

Flodesk is a flat fee. One price, unlimited email, and unlimited subscribers. Perfect for those that are growing their lists on a budget. You can choose to pay monthly or annually, and you get your first 30 days free which is more than enough time to see if it’s right for you. Plus if you use my affiliate link, you get 50% off your subscription.

02. Easy to Use

flodesk email builder

Coming from a background of training clients on their website, it’s important that the platform I recommend be something I could easily envision a client using all by themselves. It needs to be as simple as possible because let’s face it, our clients are not spending hours in front of the computer.

With Mailchimp, I found myself going in circles just trying to find basic information. The experience is complicated, and every time I go in there it feels like I have to re-learn everything. This is a complaint I’ve heard not only from other clients but from my colleagues as well. When the user experience is complicated the room for user error is much greater.

Flodesk is simple and so intuitive to use. Their click and drag email builder makes it easier than ever to create beautifully branded emails (no coding required). Not only are creating emails a breeze, it’s easy to view your stats, manage your subscribers, and update your settings.

03. Beautiful Templates

flodesk templates

Real talk: the templates that come with Mailchimp leave very little to be desired. They’re more a jumping-off point which is why they can quickly turn into a hot mess. Very rarely have I seen a nicely designed email come through my inbox that was built in Mailchimp. I can usually tell if it’s built-in Mailchimp because there’s usually no cohesive design, and it looks like someone just dumped a Word doc into an email. 🙊

Flodesk puts the power of a professional designer in your pocket. The templates that come standard with Flodesk are absolutely stunning 😍 and require very little configuration. Oh, and customizing them is simple. A few clicks and the templates transform to match your brand’s unique look and feel.

Not to mention every client of mine that has switched to Flodesk has told me they get so many compliments over their emails. 😉

I even received this email from a subscriber:

“I just wanted to tell you your email is lovely, and readable. I subscribe to a lot of emails and yours is one of the best, even of very popular ones. Good Job!! I will be looking forward to seeing and reading more in the future.”

And more!

flodesk workflowNeed to create funnels? Flodesk has you covered with Workflows.  Wanna organize your audience a little more? Segments and tags make it easy.

Don’t have a website but need to capture emails? You can create a full-page form! I have a client that’s using this feature right now as we work on her upcoming website.

Flodesk does everything you expect an email marketing platform to do, but the difference is they make it really easy paired with an aesthetically pleasing interface.

Choosing between Mailchimp and Flodesk is like the difference between Wix vs Squarespace or VistaPrint vs Moo Cards. In my book, elegant design and an intuitive user experience wins every time.

Wanna see what Flodesk is all about? Use my referral link for a Free 30-day trial + 50% off your subscription.