How to choose the perfect images for your website

“I need to use an image for my website/marketing piece. Where do I go?”

Whether you’re putting together your content for an email campaign, a blog post, or your website in general, you’re going to want to pair it with an image or two. Most of the time when an image is needed, people head on over to Google Images, type in their query, and pick the best image that suits their needs. However, this is a HUGE no-no!

“Why can’t I use images from Google?”

Well, they’re not yours to use. What many people don’t realize is that Google Images is simply an aggregator of images, and the majority of them are copyright protected.

So what are your options?

01. Use your own photos.

Either take the photos yourself or invest in a photo shoot. I know some talented photographers that I highly recommend!

02. Use free stock photos.

Free stock photo sites are great because they take the hassle out of having to worry about whether or not you can use the image. Plus the images are high-quality AND high res making them versatile. There are a ton of free stock photo sites out there, but I usually go between these three:

And for many more options, visit AllTheFreeStock.com!

03. Purchase stock photography.

Sometimes what’s available on the free stock photo sites just won’t cut it. That’s where paid stock photos come into play. Paid stock photo sites are useful for when you’re looking for something very specific, especially when you’re in a niche industry. Most of these sites have monthly subscriptions, so if you find yourself regularly producing content then a paid subscription might be worth investing in.

So the next time you need an image for your marketing piece, don’t head to Google Images (or Pinterest or anywhere else that aggregates imagery). Instead know you have plenty of other options!

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