Another Project Done

JoshandCristina.com, 2010

FINALLY, my wedding web site is 100% finished! Behold JoshandCristina.com!

JoshandCristina.com - our wedding web site!

After working on this for months, plus trying to get other wedding stuff done, I finally have the site completed. I wanted to make sure it was done before I sent my Save-the-Date cards out since they include information about the web site. Now, the only thing I am waiting for is my Disney Honeymoon giftcard which will allow me to activate our Disney Honeymoon Registry so people can contribute to the honeymoon.

I have one more week left before I go back to school. My 3 weeks of summer vacation have been pretty much all dedicated to wedding stuff, both my wedding and my future sibling in-laws; they’re getting married on July 18th, so we’ve had a lot to do. Last week we went shopping for bridesmaid dresses, and I ended up finding my wedding dress. Monday night we all went over to my in-laws house to put together their wedding favors. It has been crazy!

Then tonight Joshua, Amber, and I are heading down to San Diego to pick up Bobby; he fractured his ankle playing ultimate frisbee ,and since his car is a stick there is no way he can drive all the way up here. We’re heading down to pick him up and tow up his car (it’s crapping out) all within tonight and tomorrow. It’s going to be a LONG trip!

Speaking of long trips, this Saturday we’re leaving for the family vacation in Bandon, Oregon. I’m having several people look after the house while we’re gone, so I know my kitties will be taken good care of. I’m looking forward to taking a break from everything and enjoying my last week of summer vacation in the great outdoors!