Our Babymoon in Palm Springs

Showing off the Bump (24w5d) at The Saguaro

While everyone was out getting their Cinco de Drinko on, Joshua and I took a road trip to Palm Springs for a little babymoon. Not only was this trip an opportunity to get away from the craziness of life but it was also a chance to slow down and really enjoy this pregnancy. I’ve had a hard time connecting with this pregnancy up until about 4 weeks ago, and now that I’m constantly feeling her move and kick it’s a very real reminder of how blessed I am.

24w5d at the Parker

Things We Did

During our last trip we got a LOT done despite how hot it was, so with this trip we took advantage of the cooler weather to do a few of the things we didn’t get to do before.

Naturally, we paid a visit to the flagship store of my favorite artist, SHAG.

SHAG's Flagship Store

Then we went on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

Views from the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Baby Bump in front of the original tram

Views from the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Views from the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Views from the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Afterwards we stopped at El Jefe for some lunch and a chance to roam around The Saguaro for a few pics.

Showing off the Bump at The Saguaro

The Saguaro Palm Springs

The Saguaro Palm Springs

Do Not Disturb

To wrap up our first full day, we took advantage of the cooler weather and explored the downtown strip.

Posing with the Colette Miller Wings

The Palm Springs Babies

The Palm Springs Babies

Our second and final day, we spent the day driving through Joshua Tree National Park.

Driving through Joshua Tree

Driving through Joshua Tree

Driving through Joshua Tree

Driving through Joshua Tree

Keys Views

Driving through Joshua Tree

Us in Joshua Tree

Driving through Joshua Tree

Driving through Joshua Tree

Where We Ate

We had our favorites from the last trip, but we tried a couple of new places as well.

Mister Parker’s – dinner. Our second time here! Originally we wanted to have dinner here on our last night like we did on our previous trip, but they were closed so we wound up going our first night. I had the Le Magret De Canard (roasted duck breast) as my entree and we shared a very rich gluten-free chocolate cake for dessert.

Cheeky’s – breakfast. One of our favorites! I had gluten-free waffles, eggs, coffee, and of course the famous bacon flight!

Bacon Flight at Cheeky's

El Jefe – lunch. Stopping here for a meal gives us an excuse to take in the beauty of The Saguaro without actually staying there. 😆 We shared chips and guac, and I had a wedge salad with skirt steak. We also split their delicious flourless chocolate cake.

Workshop – dinner. We loved this place and definitely want to go back. Right away our server asked us if we had any allergies and it just made the whole experience more enjoyable. We shared duck fat fries for an appetizer, and I had the Spring Garlic Risotto for my entree.

Norma’s – breakfast (2x). Located at the Parker, Norma’s makes breakfast easy. Not only do I love the ambiance but the food is really yummy, and they’re able to make just about anything there gluten-free. I had the Very Berry Brioche French Toast one morning, and Farm Fresh Eggs with bacon and gluten-free toast on our last morning.

Breakfast at Norma's

Breakfast at Norma's


Lemonade Stand at the Parker – lunch. On our last day in Palm Springs we decided to have lunch poolside at our hotel. We came back from a long morning of exploring Joshua Tree, so we wanted to relax until dinner.

Poolside Snacks at the Parker

Birba – dinner. Our first time going here. We both had gluten-free pizzas which were pretty yummy but the crust didn’t stick together so we ate our pizzas by fork and knife. The ambiance appeared lovely on the surface, but we were seated next to this tree that was just CRAWLING with caterpillars and inchworms. Made it difficult to relax and enjoy when they were crawling on my purse, legs, and table. Also, parking was kind of a pain. 😕

Where We Stayed

We had such a lovely stay at the Parker the last time we went to Palm Springs that it was pretty much a no-brainer to go back.

Joshua in front of the Parker

The Hammocks

Lobby at the Parker

Since we went in the middle of May it was less crowded. This meant I also had a better chance of snapping the photos of Joshua’s car that I wanted. 😉

The Ambassador in front of the Parker

Man, I love the way his car looks in front of the brise soleil! 😍

We took all of it in knowing that this would probably be the last time we’d stay here (it ain’t cheap) just us two. Next time we come back to Palm Springs (Alt Summit baby!), there will be THREE of us, so we’ll be staying someplace a little more affordable.

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I came across your blog as this week would have been my due date. I had two miscarriages in a 6 months. Tinting my summer vacation and then my New Years vacation.
It’s been a while now and my due date just passed brining up raw & suppressed emotions. Reading on in your blog I felt my mood change, I literally feel happy. I don’t know you, and this is the first time I read your blog, but I’m genuinely happy for you. Maybe it’s because you radiant hope for me, or just your overall positive writing style. I can’t pin point it. I have so many fears and hesitations for what to come if I ever dare try again, but stories like yours make the future seem brighter. Thank you for being so strong and sharing your journey.

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