Family Vacation and Wedding in Seattle

Seattle Skyline

Last night Joshua and I came home from Seattle, Washington. We were there for both family vacation and my sister-in-law, Serena’s wedding. I feel like between my Week in Review and A Day in the Life posts that I’ve covered the trip pretty thoroughly, but here’s a rundown of the vacation.

Wednesday – Drove up to Seattle with Joshua and my sister-in-law Amber. We left at 4:50am and didn’t get to Seattle, WA till around 8pm. My in-laws rented out this beautiful Airbnb for all of us to stay in for that week. Joshua and I got to stay in the ground floor bedroom where we had our own kitchen and bathroom. It was awesome!

Thursday – This was family day and Bachelorette party day! I blogged about it in great detail in my A Day in the Life post. During the day we went on the Harbor Cruise followed by lunch at Pike Place Market.

Family photo on the boat tour

For the bachelorette party we went to The Hi-Life and then we took a limo ride around Seattle stopping at various places that were significant to Serena’s relationship with her husband. It was a lot of fun!

Dinner at Hi-Life

Ladies in the limo!

Friday – My mom and sister arrived in Seattle on Thursday and since that day was spoken for with activities, Friday was the day we dedicated to sight seeing since we didn’t have to be anywhere until dinner. We checked out the Space Needle and then had lunch at Pike Place Market. For dinner we went to the church for the rehearsal dinner where we were reunited with all kinds of family members and even the groom who flew in earlier in the day.

Saturday – Wedding day! The house was bustling with people getting ready for the day including the bride and the bridesmaids, but eventually everyone made their way to the church. Joshua and I hung around the house for only a couple of hours, did some grocery shopping for the house, and then got ready for the wedding.

The wedding was wonderful and so much fun! It was beyond amazing to not have all the family together but to witness a beautiful ceremony.

And they lived happily ever after! #twodorksbecomeone

Joshua and I


Sunday – The drive home! We left the Airbnb around 8:30am, picked up my mom and sis from their hotel and dropped them off at the airport. Since my brother-in-law Bobby (Amber’s husband) came up on Friday, it was just Joshua and I making the drive home to California. We stopped at Denny’s for brunch and Mary’s Pizza Shack for dinner and rolled into bed around midnight.

And now it is back to work tomorrow!