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Week in Review is a way for me to reflect on the previous week and update you with the happenings in my life, both personally and professionally as well as anything to know about the blog.


Week in Review | 3.12.17

Life On Sunday, Joshua, Dani, and I took a trip to IKEA to do some shopping. Dani is getting ready to move into her first grown-up apartment come April 1, and she definitely needed some things. She went from living at home to living in a dorm, to living in a furnished apartment to living… Read more »


Week in Review | 2.28.17

Life This week I finally got back on track with exercising and eating better. I’ve been worried that my Metformin has stopped working, and because my weight has plateaued since my miscarriage, I decided I really needed to make some significant changes. And to be honest, once I started dropping weight on Metformin, I didn’t… Read more »