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Labor Day at Loon Lake


Our Labor Day Weekend

Had a crazy fun Labor Day weekend. Started it off by going down to the bay area with my sister to visit my grandpa (Mom was down there too). Since my grandma has been gone, my grandpa (who’s the complete opposite of my grandma when it comes to “stuff”) has been anxious for us to… Read more »

Bobby and Amber's Wedding


Another Wedding and Tucker Update

Since I last blogged, which was quite some time ago, I’ve been a busy little bee. I came back from vacation and immediately went back to school. That week I had Bobby & Amber’s wedding to keep me busy. Even after their honeymoon and before their move kept me occupied. Here’s a little video I… Read more »

My Wedding Shoes


My Wedding Shoes

They just arrived, fresh from Barneys, my shoes for the wedding! I decided to splurge on the shoes since I got a fabulous deal on my dress. I also decided to go with silver so I can wear them on more than one occasion – ivory doesn’t really go with much. The ultimate single gal,… Read more »

JoshandCristina.com, 2010


Another Project Done

FINALLY, my wedding web site is 100% finished! Behold JoshandCristina.com! After working on this for months, plus trying to get other wedding stuff done, I finally have the site completed. I wanted to make sure it was done before I sent my Save-the-Date cards out since they include information about the web site. Now, the… Read more »

Wedding Planning


Recap on the Last Couple Months

I’ve had so much going on with this wedding planning that I think it’s good to see how far I’ve come. Obviously this month I got the most done since I’ve had 3 weeks of vacation. January Went to my very first Bridal Fair in Sacramento with my mom, sis, and Amber Did major church… Read more »

Bridesmaid Dresses Pattern - Simplicity 4070


Bridesmaid Dresses

As a wedding present my bridesmaid and future sister in-law Serena has offered to make my bridesmaid dress. Today I went fabric and pattern shopping with her, my Maid of Honor, and Flower Girl. We’re doing pattern E in brown with a blue ribbon in the middle. I cannot wait to see how these turn… Read more »

Wedding tuxes from Men's Wearhouse


Tuxes? Check!

Two weekends ago Bobby (Joshua’s biological brother) and Amber finally announced their wedding date: July 18th. In other words a little over a month from now. Everything from invitations to tuxes had to be done at warp speed. This afternoon Joshua and I met met up with them and two other groomsmen to get fitted… Read more »

One of our many engagement photos


Engagement Video

Check out our engagement video courtesy of Frontside Films. Damon and Amy Chamberlain were amazing to work with, and I am so happy with how the video turned out. Joshua & Cristina from frontsidefilms.net on Vimeo. Song is Switchfoot’s “Your Love is a Song” since we told Damon & Amy we really like Switchfoot, Lifehouse,… Read more »

One of our engagement photos


Save-the-Date Sneak Peek

Here’s what I am working on for Save-the-Dates… Once I get my guest list locked down I am uploading this design and ordering my cards through Overnight Prints. I’m also using MooCards to create little inserts with the web site information.

Lakehills Covenant church


We Have a Venue!

Today has been a very long day. To start with I was up at 4:30am because my sister needed to be at the Amtrak station by 6:15am. She went with her class to spend the rest of the week in Disneyland where they will be taking part in the Disney Youth Education Series. Basically she… Read more »