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30th Birthday Banner from Pinterest


My 30th Birthday

A little over a month ago I turned the big 3-0. As many of you know, Joshua and I are 8 days apart in age, so it was pretty much a joint celebration all week long. Here’s how we celebrated!

LovelyGeek.net, 2010


Site Launch and Mother’s Day

If you haven’t seen it already, LovelyGeek.net is finally live! I am so relieved to have this up. It’s one of those projects that I’ve been working on a for a long time. My next big project (aside from the one I am working on for July) is to get my wedding web site up…. Read more »

Bliss Spa San Francisco


A Day at the Spa

Today I made use of the $100 gift certificate to Bliss Spa San Francisco that Joshua gave me for Christmas. It was such a fun day, and I told Joshua that he is more than welcome to give me a gift certificate for here again. Instead of driving into the city, I decided to take… Read more »