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Backyard Makeover Reveal #thelovelygeek


Backyard Makeover: The Reveal

Today I am happy to share that our backyard makeover is complete! We started this makeover with an overgrown yard that we’ve let go since September. After several failed attempts at our yard we called in the professionals: Joshua’s dad and brother. They weed-whacked, sprayed round-up, brought in new soil, tilled, added all new irrigation,… Read more »

Plant ready and putting in edging in the backyard


Backyard Makeover: Progress and Updates

The backyard is looking awesome thanks to my father in-law and brother in-law. We’re so close to being done! Here’s what’s been happening so far: Clean and Clear They yanked everything out, weed eated, mowed, and sprayed roundup to give it a good base to start. Laying the Amendment They brought in soil amendment and… Read more »

Our backyard, prior to getting the landscaping done


Backyard Makeover Planning and Ideas

After what feels like years of attempting to make progress on the backyard we are finally making it happen. For realz. Seriously. Last week Joshua’s dad (who is a professional landscaper) came by to talk us through our ideas and give us a bid. We’re not looking for anything fancy – really we’re just looking… Read more »

Old backyard fire pit


Beginning on the Backyard

In October of last year, we went over our front yard and backyard with our landscaper (aka Joshua’s adopted dad). While we got started with clearing stuff out of the backyard we paused on it to focus on the front yard. We got our motivation back this summer, of course during the hottest days. I… Read more »

The front yard as of June 2014


Front Yard Evolution

When we first saw our future home online via MLS we were presented with a beautiful green front yard. On the day we physically step foot on the property we were greeted with the current homeowner attempting to water dead grass. I guess he didn’t realize that spraying weed killer over the lawn would kill… Read more »