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Lily Mae: One Month

It seems like just yesterday Lily was placed in my arms, and yet here we are one month later. She’s grown so much which has made me both happy and anxious. Happy because she’s right on par with her growth but anxious because I want her to stay my little baby forever. People keep saying,… Read more »

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7 Podcasts I’m Loving in 2018

Since last year when I last shared my favorite podcasts, I’ve really been getting more into them. In fact, I barely listen to music in the car anymore. I’m all about my podcasts. I’ve added a handful of new ones to my library this year which makes my commute a learning opportunity. Here are some… Read more »


Music Monday: A Playlist for Hawaii

Joshua and I are getting ready to leave for our very first trip to Hawaii next week, so I created a playlist to get me in the mood! I feel like such the oddball listening to this while being surrounded by Christmas music. 🙈 Speaking of which, this playlist does end with Mele Kalikimaka since… Read more »


My Favorite Podcasts

Commutes can be long and boring, so I tend to pass the time by listening to podcasts. I feel like I can give the information my undivided attention better than listening to them at work. That’s why I tend to listen to Podcasts in the car and music while working. Here’s a roundup of what… Read more »


LG Mixtape – Fall 2016

For some people, summer is all about winding down and relaxing, but for me that season is fall. I think it’s because it seems like in the last several years we barely get an autumn at all. It’s like we get a ton of summer, a little bit of autumn, and then boom, winter; even… Read more »