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Dining room decorated for Easter #thelovelygeek


Easter 2016 + Appetizer Recipes

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! On Sunday, I hosted Easter dinner for my family. I spent all morning and afternoon cooking (and cleaning) while Joshua cleaned up the front yard. I managed to get all the cooking done by 3:45pm and then family started showing up a little after 4pm. Home Decor… Read more »

2010 Easter Haul


Oh Hai Easter

Happy Easter! Didn’t really feel like Easter this year because the weather was stormy and rainy all day long. Last year I sat out on my grandparents’ balcony in the sun and got a sunburn. This year I sat indoors watching the rain. Our Easter activities commenced the night before. Because people are more likely… Read more »

2009 Easter Haul


Easter 2009

Happy Easter, everyone! Sorry my greeting is so late, but it has been a rather busy day. Started out with me being woken up at 6am by both the cats and my bladder. Tried to go back to sleep for the next 2 hours, but gave up a little after 8am. Soon my mom and… Read more »