You are appreciated! First off, thank you so much for being an amazing customer! I’ve created this page to provide you with everything you need to know about managing your website and beyond. Included are Showit tutorials, how to contact Showit support, and recommended resources and tools.

Support Center

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Showit Tutorials

Showit has a wide variety of in-depth help guides on their website. To get you started, here are a selection of key knowledge base articles to reference as you get more familiar with your website.

For more support visit the Showit Learning Hub, Showit Help Docs, the Showit User Facebook Group, or contact customer service.

How to contact

Showit Support

Your Showit subscription gets you access to the Showit Support Team totally FREE, so if you ever need help with your website you can reach out the following ways:

  1. From the Help Center
  2. Instant chat from inside your Showit site
  3. Send them an email at
  4. Emergency Support
  5. Showit User Group on Facebook

When you contact support, you’ll always talk to real, friendly humans. For more information about reaching out to Showit support go here.

P.S. Are you a current or former Lovely Geek client? Email me directly for questions or additional support.

Tools + resources

Can you recommend…?

Here are a few of my recommended tools and resources curated just for you. Some of these are affiliate links which means I receive a small commission/kickback should you choose to purchase from them. I only link to products that I know, love, and use.

Affiliate Marketing

Design & Image Tools

Domain Registrar


Email & Forms



Legal & Accessibility

Project Management

Scheduling & Events

Social & Marketing

Stock Photos - Free

Stock Photos - Paid




You can get in touch with the Showit Support Team or reach out to the Showit User Group on Facebook.

Please visit my Services page on my website for current offerings and availability.

All images in this template are free stock photos curated from Unsplash, Pexels, and Kaboompics. I source my fonts from various free foundries such as Google Fonts (which is built into Showit) and Fontesk. Always double check the license before using on your website.

Please refer to Showit's instructions on how to launch your website and follow their steps.

Due to the nature of this being a digital product all sales are final and there are no refunds.