What I’m Thankful For

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling a little sad today. And it’s really hard to feel thankful when four months ago I lost my second baby and one year ago today I lost my first. Thanksgiving brings up some sad memories for me.

Despite this, I’m doing my best to see the positive and be thankful. It isn’t always easy, but I am trying. So here’s what I am thankful for.

I’m grateful that despite not having the answers to my pregnancy loss I have the means to pursue those answers. While health insurance hasn’t covered everything, it’s covered most of it, and what it hasn’t covered I am grateful I can afford it (so far).

I’m grateful that all my testing is showing that I don’t have anything serious going on. Really though, they’ve done a TON of testing on me and everything looks good. It could be so much worst and thankfully it isn’t.

I’m grateful for my wellness team. This includes my PCP, my new OBGYN, my RE, my nutritionist, my chiropractor, and my therapist. Without all of them I’d be a sad hot mess.

I’m grateful for the people who have continued to support and reach out to me throughout these hard times. Checking in and really caring has helped so much through this difficult healing process.

I’m grateful to have the support, love, and strength of my amazing husband. This past year has been one heck of a test for our marriage. I really don’t know where I’d be without him.

At the Thanksgiving Luau

I’m grateful we’re able to afford being on this wonderful vacation in beautiful Hawaii. We’re so fortunate to be here and have the means to “get away” from some of the pain that this week brings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m grateful that I get to end the year with a new house. It was something I definitely didn’t expect to happen this year, let alone the type of house we got, but I am so so stoked and blessed I get to come home from my amazing vacation and move into my new place.

Front of the House

I’m grateful.