My man is gonna work for Mercedes!

Mercedes-Benz of Marin

Sorry I haven’t been returning comments lately. I’ve barely had to time to do much because I decided to go down to the Bay Area at the last minute on Thursday. Then I came back late Friday night, had to work early the next day and spent the whole day shopping and running errands with my mom yesterday. Whew!

I have excellent news!! Joshua got a job at Mercedes! On Friday the 19th Joshua had two interviews at Mercedes-Benz dealerships. First he had one in Oakland, which is quite a bit of ways from where we will be living. That interview went well and they practically begged him to work there. They wanted to start him at $18.50something an hour, but he would have to join the union and fees for that were roughly $120 bucks a month; he’d also get partial benefits and wouldn’t have a chance to get a raise for 4-5 years. All-in-all, Joshua was interested but it all depended on what San Rafael had to offer. At San Rafael they wanted to start him out at $15.50 an hour, but by completing various trainings he could easily move himself up to the same salary at Oakland and then some. Plus he’ll be only 15 minutes away from where we’re living, he gets full benefits, and he doesn’t have to join the union.

So my man is officially a Mercedes-Benz technician at the San Rafael dealership. Now all we have to do is wait for him to finish his training up and that lady to move out so things can begin! I am so excited!

Anyhoo I have a GIANT mess to clean up and many things to continue packing so I shall bid you all a fond farewell for now. Ta!