Dear Santa: My 2018 Christmas Wish List

My 2018 Christmas Wish List #thelovelygeek
  1. Stendig Calendar 2019 – I made a home for the 2018 and have been recycling the paper for gift wrapping, so naturally I’d love the 2019 one. 😁
  2. Helvetica Composers T-Shirt – My favorite new podcast is The Soundtrack Show, and they put together a shirt that lists some of my favorite composers!
  3. Oui Fresh Essential Oils – I use Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree Oil, and Peppermint the most, but I am always down for new scents!
  4. Mint Starry Night Flannel PJs – I’ve always loved the flannel pajamas from Victoria’s Secret, and somehow it became sort of a tradition that I get a new pair for Christmas. I’m LOVING this particular pair because not only is it my favorite color, but I’m ALL about anything to do with celestial/astrology!
  5. I Am Enough Limited Edition NecklaceJenna Kutcher has been a source of inspiration for me this past year, and I love that she created this necklace as a small reminder of self love.
  6. Makeup Removing Towels – I love using these type of towels because they’re great at removing makeup and even more handy when trying to remove a makeup cleansing balm. This particular set is SUPER cute!
  7. Diptyque Violette 6.5 oz Scented Candle – Hands down my favorite candle in my favorite scent. The smell reminds me of Mr. Bubbles Bubble Bath. 😆 I love lighting it in the morning while I get ready for the day.
  8. Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini – Melissa is one of my favorite new wellness gurus I started following this year. After reading her inspiring book, Mastering Your Mean Girl, I’m dying to read her next one!
  9. Petit Vour Beauty Box – I’ve been wanting to try this particular box for quite some time. I love beauty boxes because they’re a great way to try new brands and products especially since I am still getting my feet wet with the green beauty world.
  10. World Market Gift Card – I’ve been shopping at World Market quite a bit in the past year for my home, and I’m really digging their stuff!
  11. Organic Bunny Gift Card – I’ve radically overhauled my beauty products, and I do pretty much all my shopping here for clean beauty. Gift cards are MORE than welcome!