Those Crazies Standin’ In Line

iPhone 3G

Today after my chiropractor appointment, I took my mom and sis across the bay for lunch and a little shopping at IKEA. We then went next door to the Bay Street Shopping Center. When driving around the parking garage I couldn’t believe how many cars were there. It seemed too much for a weekday. When we crossed the street I got my answer.

A line of people stretched from the end of the block all the way to the Apple Store. These people were in line for the new iPhones. 😑

Now, I’d be a hypocrite if I talked about how lame it is to wait in that long of a line for something. After all, I’ve done my share of waiting in line for my Potter books. But the iPhone? Why?

Well, perhaps it’s the fact that I’m still not impressed. Many people I’ve talked to know the only reason I recently went with a new Classic iPod as opposed to an iPhone or even iTouch is simply because there is not enough space. I always keep thinking back to this commercial where he talks about how nice it is to just grab his wallet and iPhone as opposed to his wallet, iPod, cell phone, and camera. I’d love to have that luxury!

Despite me having 77GB of Apple content (hello Apple I support you!) I still don’t get the luxury of the iPhone because I have too much content. And yes I’ve heard people say it’s because Apple doesn’t want products to compete, but if you give them the option of an all-in-one or just a music player, both having a lot of space, you’ll please a bigger spread of people. I can only imagine iPod fans going, “Sweet an Apple phone that’ll play my music! But wait? Only 16GB of space? I have 60GB. Guess I lose…” 😐

Until iPhone upgrades its space, I’m stuck with taking my 3 gadgets instead of an all-in-one. And who knows? Perhaps by the time I need a new phone Apple will have gotten a clue or two.