Welcome 2014!

2013-2014 LAN Party

Happy 2014!

We rang in the New Year with over 30 people at our annual New Year’s Eve Party & LAN Party.

As usual, most of the guys were gaming in the Media Room.

The Gamers

And the rest of us were hanging out in the living room eating food, drinking beverages, and playing Cards Against Humanity.


The Food

At midnight we counted down to midnight and watched the ball drop while sipping on champagne or sparkling cider. Most people continued gaming into the wee hours of the morning, but I called it a night around 1am.

Happy New Year!

Unfortunately, several people caught a nasty 24hr stomach flu that’s been going around, so this eventually became the scene the rest of the day.

The Aftermath

Aside from the stomach bug, we had a great time! So very blessed and thrilled to have celebrated the new year with my family and friends!

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