Sephora Minerals Master Event

SWAG from the 2008 Sephora Minerals Master Class Event

Words cannot express how awesome the Minerals Master Class Event at Sephora University was! It’s the best event I’ve been to since my Dotties award back in 2005, haha! Joshua dropped me off in front of the university where I was escorted to the second level. I registered, made a name tag, and hung out for wee bit snack on cheese and wine. Eventually they had us all go into a huge conference room where there were dozens of tables set up make-up products, mirrors, etc. as well as a goodie bag. Leslie Blodgett, CEO of Bare Escentuals came up and did a demonstration with her make-up artists on the their new Get Started: Eyes, Cheeks, Lips kit.

After the demonstration we had a break-out session in which each table had a professional beauty consultant who was simply to answer any questions and help us with “play” with the products.

Leslie came around to all the tables, and I was able to gush to her about how much I love the new Blemish Therapy as well as get a picture and autograph!

Leslie and I

Awhile later they encouraged us to go in another room where the cheese and wine was back as well as some brownies. I stuck around long enough to hear the last raffle of the evening (didn’t win anything) and then I took off. Managed to get a business card in case I’m planning on applying for Sephora, tee hee.

Apparently this is the first time Sephora University has opened their doors to the public like this, so hopefully they’ll do more events like this in the future.